Why LAC <3 The Non-GMO Project

The Non-GMO project is one of my favorite organizations to support. We vote most effectively with our dollars and education is key to making informed decisions.

When you visit the grocery store, you have a choice,  you have many choices actually. One of your choices is to buy GMO or not. Wait, what is a GMO? How can you tell if something is genetically modified or not?


Many crops in the US are genetically modified, usually through their seeds. Processed foods almost always contain genetically modified ingredients, and labels are deliberately misleading.  For more information on what this does to our bodies and our environment click here: GMO Facts


There are so many labels on foods and packaging that it can be hard to determine what is true, what is safe and what isn’t. The Non-Gmo Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to proper labelling and education. They make it easy and obvious to determine which products contain GMOs and which do not. Most importantly, they are trustworthy.


For more information about the Non-GMO Project, their mission and how to get involved, click here: Mission and About


This weekend, at Pineapple Triangle’s Share that you Care event, Lafayette Avenue Ceramics will be supporting the Non-GMO project. You can learn more about the event and purchase your tickets here: AZ Share that You Care


June 10th, 2017


The Duce in Phoenix






avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

unspecified-19.jpeg unspecified-18.jpeg

How can we create a better Earth for our children and our children’s children? This was one of the questions I asked myself, along with my friends and family, when I started my business in 2013.

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One of the things that kept coming up was adopting a simpler lifestyle. Providing ourselves and the next generation with the knowledge and tools to make our world less chaotic, cleaner and more beautiful.


Pottery, tableware and home decor may seem like it has absolutely nothing to do with learning to lead a sustainable life style, but imagine this:

A 5 year old child rinsing strawberries in Mom’s favorite berry bowl. “Be very careful, that bowl is special and needs to be treated with respect”. That child just learned an important lesson – that the item is expected to be around for a long time and is not disposable.


Treasures, opposed to disposable stuff, create conversation, memories and traditions. The more we realize this importance and adopt it as our lifestyle, the easier it will become.

Behind the Scences: Photo-shoot

This dinnerware photoshoot was one of my altime favorites. Except for one when I attempted to fake-cook a Thanksgiving dinner in Nikki’s kitchen and my dear friend Lauren came ro help, unaware she was going to actually be in the photos. But yes, the dinnerware shoot was the actualization of a long-time dream and it was a blast.

unspecified.jpeg                   unspecified-2.jpeg

Mostly all of the props and styled food was locally purchased. I bought Noble bread, Double Check Ranch eggs, Abby Lee tomatoes and lemons and AZ Microgreens sprouts from Uptown Farmers Market.

unspecified-5.jpeg      unspecified-8.jpeg

Teaspressa and Ruze Cakehouse supplied the most stunningly flakey croissant (and a London fog for fuel!)

unspecified-4.jpeg   unspecified-3.jpeg

I stoped at Sprouts for Hayden Flour Mill wheat crackers, edible flowers and assorted cheeses. See this post for cheese tray tips!

unspecified-7.jpeg    unspecified-1.jpeg

One of my favorite non-clay tasks is grocery shopping for photshoot props and while I’m
Not the most talented, food styling is quickly becoming an obsession and favorite hobby. Its so fun to look at produce and ingredients for their aesthetic and not just nutrients and value!

unspecified-9.jpeg                    unspecified-6.jpeg



Why Dock + Tide?

Bounding down the weathered wooden stairs with the salt crusted, grey metal railing, and the hot sand burning my feet as I ran to the ocean. The waves knocking me over again and again. Staring at the water for hours every summer, with sun bleached hair, watching the pattern the tide made on the sand. Every wave comes in different, and each one leaves a fleeting mark. Years later, living in Laguna beach, the surf was like a religion. “Hey want to get a beer after work?” “Yeah but when’s high tide?”

Im obsessed with summer time and in love with the beach. The ocean is my church.  When it came time to design my dinnerware collection, it was already there in my mind.


Everyone will interpret it differently. Some think rustic minimalism, others picture the horizon or a mountain range. Whatever your perspective, I hope you enjoy.


Cooking is such an intimate act, and so my work should be too. These dishes were handmade individually, created with love, and I hope you use them with love for years to come.


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Local Love Update

Hey Phoenix, this post is for the local fans!


Ever since the beginning days of Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, locals have been the backbone of the business. One of my favorite aspects of running this company, getting to meet the people who support us, and hearing how much they love their ceramics.
Feel free to tag, post, share on social media- especially images of your ceramics in use around your home, or stories of your celebrations.


For 2017, I’m so pleased to announce some new stockiests! These amazing store owners have included Lafayette Avenue Ceramics in the shops and we couldnt be more excited. Stop by and send them the love.

  • Shop Phoenix Flea, upstairs at  Desoto Market
  • Changing Hands Bookstore
  • Birdytell, a unique gifting experience based in Scottsdale and serving the Phoenix Metro area will now have Lafayette Avenue Ceramics available.

Of course, you can find us at your old favorites: Practical Art, Made Art Boutique, and Pomegranate Cafe.


Check out the floral paradise that is Camelback Flowershop for a new line of exclusive dishware. Simple and understated, it was designed by the team at Camelback and produced in my studio.


New for 2017- the fan favorite AZ love mugs will be sold exclusively at Practical Art  and Pomegranate Cafe.


Do you have an idea or suggestion? Let us know what you want to see and where you want ro shop! Comment or tag us on Instagram and Facebook, or send an email!



How to be an Adult: Throw a Classy Party



Every year, Im presented with this challenge: stay in during the winter months, or go out with friends and family. The solution, throw a party!


Here are some tips to make a killer cheese and snack try so your friends wont starve: 

  • You may be poor from the holidays, so the first thing to remember is that you don’t have to go to a fancy store or spend a lot of money. Its way easy to serve really great snacks for cheap. Visit your local grocery store and hunt around for a sale.  Also, Sprouts sells their “tidbits”. The odds and ends of the big block that are usually inexpensive and sold in smaller quantities.
  • Include a non-dairy option. It’s a nice gesture for anyone with food sensitivities and it will add another flavor to the mix. Shoot for a nut, a fruit or something pickled.
  • If you are serving a tray as an appetizer, throw in some savory accompaniments: cured meat, spicy olives or pistachios. For an after dinner cheese course, go for the sweet stuff- jam or dried fruit (dried apricots are pretty!) or honey roasted nuts.
  • As for the cheese itself: Pick some different textures- soft brie or goat cheese paired with hard cheddar or parmesan works great.
  • On a separate plate or bowl, provide 2 different vessels such as a hard cracker and sliced grain or sourdough bread.

Ok, now go experiment and have fun while doing it! Don’t forget to tag #lafayetteavenueceramics in your favorite images.


Summer Entertainment

Summer is the time for simple BBQs, pool parties and casual evening dinners. Here are a few of my favorite entertaining tips to make your life a little easier, and your parties a little more perfect.


Using an eclectic mix of serving pieces can eliminate that “catered” look and give your party and natural, homey feel.


Keep some water and iced tea pitchers (as well as wine!) on a near by side-table. This way guests can refill as needed without having to make a trip back into the kitchen.


Get ground coffee from your neighborhood coffee shop and serve after your meal. Fill up your cream and sugar before hand and keep it in the fridge until dessert time. unspecified-7.jpeg